1. Do I have to stay through the entire competition event ?
    Yes, since winners are announced at the end.
  2. Can I change the order of pieces I plan to perform at the competition?
  3. Do I have to attend the dress rehearsal if I am one of the winners?
  4. Do I have to attend the entire concert if I am one of the winners?
    Yes, or you forfeit your scholarship.
  5. Can I change my performance time?
  6. Will there be practice rooms at the competition?
    Yes, we will have practice rooms set up and opportunity for the winner to practice in the actual performance venue before the concert.
  7. How and when will scholarships be awarded?
    The non-winning finalists will be awarded their $250 at the end of the competition. Winners will be awarded their scholarships at the concert.
  8. Will you be providing any transportation to the concert venue?
    No, you will need to obtain your own transportation.
  9. Do I need to sign a recording release?
  10. Can I substitute one of my competition performance selections?
  11. Will we be able to get food on the competition day?
    Yes, The Williams Chorale members provide breakfast and lunch for you and your parents.